Mishaps, More Mishaps & Debugging

The MP3 Trigger First things first, Adafruit really needs to help us out, This is a warning for any one trying to do anything with an arduino, if you must use a MP3 trigger, DONT! 3 Sleepless nights of coding, and coding, and debugging, and switching arduinos,...

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Prototyping and Physical Computing

So here is the concept, we want to create an alarm clock and not just any clock, but an emotional alarm clock. The clock allows you to snooze, however it is disappointed whenever you do and expresses this through its voice commands and of course...

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digital prototype

Digital Prototype: The IBM Crit

Finally we were both excited about what we were working on, (Nidhi & I) Our motivation was in the right levels and even though we barely had 2 weeks left to pull it off, we were not discouraged rather filled with ambition and an eagerness...

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The irony, The Latter Tribe

How does one design a physical computing project that will aid a creative to overcome their creative block ? One thing Nidhi and I believed to be a fact about the direction we were taking is that in everyone's life at least once they come up...

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