Why I am studying it

Becoming the Artefact – III

According to a lifetime of puzzles, the text sent to us by Ken Knowlton, he set out to create this artefact because My shtick (hammer) is computer graphics therefore every image that confronts me, needs my kind of pounding , his own version of a...

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Ual Lcc

Becoming the Artefact – II

Impressed with the idea that our users could use their face to control the installation, we named our project: Face it: you're learning. We carried out some user testing and we found out that forcing the user to smile throughout the installation did the following...

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Becoming the Artefact – I

After a couple of brainstorming hours, mainly composed of throwing different thoughts here and there, Yoogle and I concluded on one thing: We wanted to amaze our audiences, we wanted to evoke their feelings, recreate their archive experience and immerse them in something they would...

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LCC Project

Becoming the Artefact – Introduction

Introduction Working in pairs we were required to produce an interactive narrative for an artifact from the Victoria & Albert museums archive. (Focus on the archive of art and design & the computer art archive) I was paired with Yoogle Liu (a Computer scientist from China)...

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Interaction Design

Knowing (hoping really) that I will soon have the ability to make my own Thor (the greatest hero ever) hammer is definitely reason enough to motivate me to study Interaction Design. See here is the thing, I've been playing with computers since I could walk ,...

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