Becoming the Artefact – I

Coming up with the Idea

After a couple of brainstorming hours, mainly composed of throwing different thoughts here and there, Yoogle and I concluded on one thing: We wanted to amaze our audiences, we wanted to evoke their feelings, recreate their archive experience and immerse them in something they would never forget.(oh and also meet the requirements required to pass this brief)

From the beginning of the project we both agreed that our creative process would be completely transparent and we would post everything online, we were filled with optimism bias and nothing could stop us from achieving our goal.


a conversation we had during a class, hence why its on notes
We drew up a quick sketch of our idea, an installation that included the artefact, a projector and multiple screens on the walls; on the left screens showing previous interactions with the artefacts, on the right screens showing tweets and text feedback from previous interactions. It was to look like something from the Matrix films, quite specifically the architect scene.



Sketch on the left, Matrix scene on the right
The users actions would be in full control of the installation, before they walked in their would be continuous playback of the previous interactions on the screen, sound overlapping each other to create the perfect ambience. Once they walked in the space, the voices volume would decrease depending on how close they got to the artefact and once they got to it, everything would come to a halt and all the focus would be on the artefact. The user would be required to smile to start the installation, and keep smiling otherwise the installation would come stop working. The user would listen to a Morgan freeman like voice narrating the story behind the artefact whilst a projection on top of the artefact would be forming their face using seashells as in the artefact.(hence them becoming the artefact)


The users would be required to give a quick feedback which was recorded and attributed to an actual shell on the artefact. At this point we had not yet decided how to give the users access to this, but ideally we thought about a website similar to this where the users could view their own and other users interaction with the artefact thus extending the archive to an online community.


Admittedly this idea was obviously very very grand. Could we do this in the time given? Did we have enough resources to actually pull this off? Were we even allowed to do this with Ken Knowltons Artefact? These are the questions that lingered through our minds? We decided to email the man himself to find out his thoughts on the matter.

Email to Ken Knowlton