Becoming the Artefact – III

Getting To The Sea Shell

According to a lifetime of puzzles, the text sent to us by Ken Knowlton, he set out to create this artefact because My shtick (hammer) is computer graphics therefore every image that confronts me, needs my kind of pounding , his own version of a quote from Abraham Kaplan that said Give a boy a hammer and he will find that everything he encounters needs pounding.

Jacques Cousteau by Ken Knowlton
In order to recreate the computer graphic version of the above picture we had to do our best to create shell like shapes using processing. The first step we took is replace the + shapes with ellipses.

Processing Code to replace + shape with ellipses

Image result with ellipse shape

Pleased with our result we decided to learn how to make polygons then to play around with the shapes to see how we can make them look like sea-shells.

Processing Code to create a polygon(above), result (under it)

We then decided to try and input this shape into our program and the result was interesting.

Processing Code to input shell to exisitng code

Image result with sea shell version 1

We were very impressed and excited that our one shell-like shape worked in the program. Even though it looked nothing like the Jacques Cousteau it was a step in the right direction. We then proceeded to refine the program by controlling where the shape appears (via mapping) depending on the brightness of the image.

Processing Code to map brightness with the sea shell

Image result with the sea shell version 1 mapped on the brightness

At this point we were ecstatic with our development, although we did encounter a few challenges, the image only looked good depending on the background (meaning we could only use dark backgrounds) and we only had one shell-shape when we needed several.