Designing for the Post-Anthropocene

We are no longer at the centre of the universe

A group made up of geologists, climate scientists and ecologists have proposed a new era know as The Anthropocene. They define this era as one where human activities start to have a significant global impact on earths ecosystems to the extent our activities cause severe climate change and threaten bio diversity.

The brief is to design something for the Post Anthropocene era; this being a time where earth does not revolve around the human being, where our actions do not hold great impact as they do today. This is my understanding of the Post Anthropocene.

So yes it’s about making something that will exist in the future but not with the intention of predicting it; rather my design should encourage debate on the present and eventually a preferable future.

Furthermore, it should be a speculation that offers a different alternative to what is normally accepted, it should hold root in the current status of things but should not be limited by it. It is not a human centered design but rather a design that appears to offer pluralist solutions but its real intention is only to encourage one.

One example that I found did this well was a Zootopia by Bjarke Ingels whose main concept is holding humans in captivity and letting animals move freely within their environments. It is not the first time I saw an idea like this but I do enjoy the little debates its sparked in my own mind and the ones highlighted in this article. (

At the moment I plan to carry out research with particular interest in White rhinos. The reason I have chosen to focus on this now is that they are listed as Near Threatened and some will even term them as extinct and it would be interesting to create a scenario where they are no longer extinct or in danger. (Im not sure the direction I will take at this point but at least I have the subject area covered)