Digital Prototype: The IBM Crit

Quick, Effecient with some feedback

Finally we were both excited about what we were working on, (Nidhi & I) Our motivation was in the right levels and even though we barely had 2 weeks left to pull it off, we were not discouraged rather filled with ambition and an eagerness to create.

However today was the IBM crit day and we hadnt built anything physical to get our idea across. Instead we had built something digital. Using Adobe’s new XD program we were able to create the prototype of how our idea would work as a mobile app to show the basic flow of how our clock works.

The advantages of going with this method, is we were able to see the gaps in our idea quite quickly without putting that much effort in to the development of the prototype. The software allowed us to share a public link which we could share with others and get constructive feedback as through the app they could see the whole layout of our clock. The disadvantages were, we could not get feedback on the physical aspects of the clock and Nicolas(tutor) was not a fan.(of the digital prototype in his physical computing class)

On the digital prototype of our alarm clock, this is the flow we had:

Set alarm -> Request Snooze -> Meet obstacle (in the form of a riddle) -> if successful the alarm snoozed, if unsuccessful the alarm clock would tweet/fb post something embarrassing about you such as “John told me he loves to listen to justin bieber whilst watching a morning sunset”

The feedback received during this crit mainly was around the following points:

– Get rid of the riddles

– create a more severe punishment than just social media shame

– make it more about the space and not just the clock

– have an easy opt out of the system

I did agree with a lot of the feedback I got from this crit, removing the riddles will make the process simple, adding severity to the punishments would make it more interesting and to avoid creating a frustrating project it would be better to have an easy opt out for those days one is not in the mood for a tweeting clock.