E-textiles workshop AKA “How to make a trap door 101”

Out of my comfort zone, into a better zone

The workshop I attended today was quite fun, it’s always a joy when you expand your Arduino abilities. However when I first heard about it I was a bit thrown off as this was not my comfort zone. I do not knit, I do not saw…..basically wearing clothes is the only thing I do when it comes to textiles.

Well after today that changes a little bit as I do see the potential of using textiles with tech. @me_backwards took us through the process of making a Pom Pom ( a task I have never done before) and by mixing the regular wool with conductive wool, the Pom-Pom became interactive (connected to an Arduino of course)

Imagine a Pom Pom that your child can use to toggle the lights or control the TV or you could use it as a stress ball that when you squeeze acts as an EMP and shuts everything Down (a fuzzy grenade perhaps) the possibilities are endless.

She then took us through the process of creating a soft sensor using conductive textiles and the minute I saw that I couldn’t stop thinking of all the cool hidden buttons you can have in a room. Crazy trap doors, secret hideouts ….the works ! Or Pajamas that have a role in a circuit which turn off the lights once you’re in bed (could be annoying , but could be epic)