Experimentation & Ideation – Square One

Augmented Reality V1.1.2

How can I create a project that will easily communicate what the filter bubble is and be interactive? Can I quite literally create an experience whereby I put people in an actual bubble with information?

To answer this question I continue to explore AR Technologies
Having never used AR before I am quite pleased with the results of my experiments, managing to use Web Technologies  such as Three.js, WebGL and Html to achieve placing objects in the real world similar to Pokemon Go.



Idea 1.1

I wanted to create an augmented experience that would work like this:



I would achieve this by using latitudes and longitudes to create positions where by the information forming the bubbles would be rendered.  This would mean, because the positions were placed using geo location several people, could experience my project simultaneously.

Unfortunately, after talking to the technical support team and running a few tests, I realized I had a few challenges.

First, GPS does not work (work properly) indoors meaning I could not use latitudes and longitudes to place my positions that I would use to create the bubble.

iOS devices do not allow any camera access via an internet browser which meant my AR experience would not be able to work on any one who visited the show with an iPhone or iPad.

Relying on the audience to have a stable connection to the interent can be tricky and it may result in a rather slow and unsatisfying experience for them.

and just like that, I was back to Square One, funny that.