Exploring the Post Anthropocene

“What if only 3 of you remained ?"

After analysing the current status of things, I began to speculate what the future could have in store for us as a result of how we have dealt with the current situation. Humanity the prime and centre of the Anthropocene has driven a species to less than a handful and possibly to its extinction all because of our unwarranted need/desire for ivory. One day possibly in the future they might ask why there are no more rhinos or elephants and the reply would be, the people of the time killed the actual animals so that they could sell models of them. Don’t believe me ? Look at the image below.



At the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, 3 rhinos remain, one male and two females. The eldest, the male “Sudan” who is 43 as of 2016 is expected to reproduce with the females but unfortunately this has been unsuccessful. Humanity has decided to resort to IVF (in vitro fertilisation) a process by which eggs are removed from the female ovaries and are mixed with the male sperm in a dish, where fertilisation will hopefully take place. The embryo is then returned to the female womb where it will grow and develop. (a common practice for humans since 1978). Unfortunately this process will cost around £500000 but their fund raising has only gathered up £14,123.


What if the IVF was successful ? Then Hurray! I guess we have saved the species. We just need to get more money and make more rhinos!!!
What if the IVF was unsuccessful ? Well I think it could go 2 ways.
We will either give up and have front row seats to “The Last of a dying breed: The northern white rhino” or use the remaining rhinos to carry on stem cell research. If this was successful it could also go 2 ways.