Freedom Of Choice – All an Illusion

Do you agree ? or is this a little far fetched ? is the modern world all but a game with the same result ?

George Carlin an american stand up comedian and popular social critic, known for encouraging his listeners to question everything and not believe in the american government, defines choice in the U.S as an illusion. Things that matter have reduced in choice and things that dont really hold any ground or foundation such as jelly beans have increased in number. The centre for research on globalisation records that in 1953 90% of american media was owned by 50 companies and by 2011 only 6 controlled the same 90%. In the UAE the majority share of the only two telecommunication companies are owned by the government

George Carlin on the illusion of choice

infographic on media ownership (scroll on image to see more)

Lynne Truss, a journalist for the telegraph exposes a well known sales method known as Goldilocks Selling. This is where the sales person provides you with three options but really had the intention to get you to by one. For example say you are buying a wooden spoon; the sales person provides you with 3 options one 5p, the other 12 and the last 26. To the majority of customers, the 5p spoon is suspiciously cheap and must have a flaw and the 26 one is a little too expensive and may give out a hint of unnecessary luxury leaving the 12 spoon as the bargain most people go for. All this is fine for you up until the moment the 12 spoon drops to 2 and the uneasy-ness begins to settle in.

This is the modern world, we have freedom to move around the world, explore our digital globe using the internet making choices we truly believe are our own. Majority of the smartphones we buy run under iOS or android (yes windows and firefox have operating systems as well but cmon now ) but are packaged in different brands such as sony,samsung, motorola,techno,google and apple. The same is echoed in the creative industry, where most practitioners decisions are more than heavily influenced by what Google and Apple do. In 2015 most of the websites created hold the same if not similar structures but are all sold to clients as bespoke and unique.

Do you agree ? or is this a little far fetched ? is the modern world all but a game with the same result ?