Mishaps, More Mishaps & Debugging

We shall overcome

The MP3 Trigger

First things first, Adafruit really needs to help us out, This is a warning for any one trying to do anything with an arduino, if you must use a MP3 trigger, DONT!

3 Sleepless nights of coding, and coding, and debugging, and switching arduinos, and soldering, and re soldering…all of this and in the end the MP3 Trigger still didnt work. Maybe they dont react well to Arduino Megas, Maybe I had to many scripts in my arduino code, It took Gareth (super cool tech guy) and Tom(master of all tech LCC ) to sit down and go through my code to give me one conclusion(one that I drew earlier but was in denial)….the mp3 trigger is a pain to work with and the one I had was spoilt.

Luckily I was able to switch mp3 triggers with a class mate (thanks mahmoud you’re a lifesaver) as the one I had worked for him and the one he had, tolerated my ambitions better (because I cannot say it worked 100%)


The Missing Back Pack

When you have only a week to get you project done, this is probably a bad time for amazon to start delivering vital components to your project late, especially when they bring exactly what you need, without exactly what you need to make it work.

What happened was Nidhi and I bought a 1.2″ 7 segment adafruit display to be our alarm clock screen but unfortunately it came without a back pack meaning it would be one hell of a process (one we did not have the time, neither the expertise) to connect.

So what would an interaction designer do at such crucial times? Run to maplin. One hour later we had a 16 x 2 LCD display which was not what we wanted intially for our box, but worked out quite well in the end.


Lazer cut blunder

When we took our files for lazer cut, we missed out one important detail, the length of our notches. Without realizing the impact of having small notches we had the box cut and had to struggle to assemble it with the small notches. Luckily we were able to return and rectify the situation however even though we got  the notches much bigger, the technician cut one of the box panels wrong and now our box has a speaker out let that faces the bottom.


IMG_5517Migration to UNI Computer

Nothing makes you happier than seeing your project work as you intended it to, smoothly with barely any bugs, unfortunately for us when it came to migrating the project on to the University Desktop, all hell broke loose, Node red was missing vital node libraries as well as the arduino software, with only so much time to setup we just made it to put our project up and hope for the best.