Interaction Design

Why I am studying it

Knowing (hoping really) that I will soon have the ability to make my own Thor (the greatest hero ever) hammer is definitely reason enough to motivate me to study Interaction Design.

See here is the thing, I’ve been playing with computers since I could walk , I’ve witnessed its development first hand, I’m a self taught coder from the age of 14 and because of this all of my professional skills have been limited to a 15 inch screen.

Now, being an experienced digital artist isn’t the worst thing in the world; I mean I have done some impressive stuff in my time, but the truth is the way technology is going, I do not want to get replaced by a drag & drop interface that can enable any tom, dick and harry to do what I can.

There is more to life than a 15 inch Retina Screen

I need to be something more, I need to emancipate my self from the dimensions of a retina screen and interaction design is my route to freedom. Well the irony of all this is, I will still use a lot of digital interfaces to create my installations but the great thing about it, is I can truly create something, something that would take expertise to create, something that will leave its audiences in awe and wanting more, something that will resonate in their minds forever (or at least longer than a website)

Now, yes I know, the Thor hammer is not that complicated to make, but I am looking forward to direct my creativity to objects with more interactivity, objects that make use of all our senses, objects that will clearly stand out and most importantly objects that don’t necessarily rely on the computer