Speculative Everything

Dreams are powerful, but todays dreams are downgraded to hope.

This text begins by highlighting the power of dreams, its ability to experience the desirable and escape reality but quickly goes on to say that it is hard to state what todays dreams are. It suggests that dreams are more of hope, hope that we will not become extinct, hope that we can feed the hungry, hope to fix the planet and ensure survival. We no longer have visions, just hopeful dreams.

However, the text is not about dreams, but rather how our inability to dream beyond hope has affected us. A man by the name Fredric Jameson stated that in the world today it was easier for one to imagine the end of the world than an alternative to capitalism, yet alternatives are what we need.

The text suggests that we need not limit the definition of design as a tool to problem solve but we can use design speculatively to solve our dreaming problem. Through speculative design we can encourage peoples thoughts to throw freely and break from the norm. Speculative design is the necessary catalyst to help redefine our current relationship with reality.

The future is redefined to a medium that aids imagination and not a destination. It is a tool that we can use to better understand the present and discuss the future people want and ones they do not.

This is what speculative design is about, not predicting the future but using design to open up possibilities of futures, those that can be discussed and debated in order to collectively create a preferable future for a given group of people.