Two Tribes, Two Ideas, Picking One

"The Social Thing Brief"

A few days ago this was me ….

The pressure is piling up, my tasks keep increasing and I have to present my idea to IBM on Tuesday !

After expressing my frustration to find a tribe to my peers , a group of us decided to lock ourselves in a room in the library and just spur up some ideas. The agenda was to figure out a unique way to carry out our final show and amongst the talks I realised something… many good ideas are exchanged or thought of on a day to day basis, however the people with these ideas do not have the means to carry them out.

It was at this moment that Nidhi (fellow classmate In the room) realized what our tribe could be , CREATIVES WHO EXPERIENCE CREATIVE BLOCKS !!! Immediately we began to dissect the project, identifying the tribe, how they live , work and play, we began to look at how these ideas can manifest through apps, websites and potentially a communal physical object.  We quickly opened links to find out how creatives can break free from creative blocks

7 tricks to help you work through a creative block

Advice from Artists on How to Overcome Creative Block, Handle Criticism, and Nurture Your Sense of Self-Worth

Since we had our creative juices flowing Nidhi suggested we carry on thinking of tribes , and since we were picking tribes that we were clearly a part of the next idea that came to my mind was people who are always late.

Now before you begin to judge me , it’s not that I have poor time management , it is that I have a lot on my plate but mostly this one thing, I am always unlucky. Hence why 7/10 I will be late.

Nicholas (tutor) advised that when picking a tribe , to try and make it specific so we began to dig deeper in this tribe and pick a particular group of people who are always late. Out of all the many reasons people are late , people who snooze their alarm clocks peaked my interest, and I asked myself what can be done to stop people from snoozing and have them wake up In the morning and go about their day ? How about a clock that embarrasses you on Twitter every time you snooze it ?

With the these in mind we decided to present the former idea to IBM to which they gave us positive feedback including research points such as Steve Johnson “where good ideas come from”

We need to carry out more research in order to create an impactful social object.